About Cynthia White and Associates

Cynthia White & Associates is a leadership development and personal branding consultancy based in the Triangle Region (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill) of North Carolina.

We create success for our clients by providing strategies, solutions, and services that draw on 25 years of hands-on coaching, mentoring, training and leadership experience. By marrying our training in life coaching, personal branding, image consulting and social and business etiquette, we inspire mid and senior-level managers and executives to connect their passion, purpose, and potential in order to maximize their ability to add value, make lasting impressions, and transform their environment.

In doing so they are able to remove barriers, stand out, gain a competitive edge and increase their value through building a credible and compelling personal brand that enhances their leadership presence.

Who are our typical clients?

Individuals in all fields and at any stage of their career, as well as businesses and organizations, can benefit from the training programs offered by CW&A:

  • Successful professionals who want to maximize their performance or prepare themselves for the next level of career growth
  • Entrepreneurs who have launched, or plan to launch, a new organization or company
  • Executives who need to re-frame and re-brand their professional lives after gaps or setbacks in their career
  • Those who want to improve their effectiveness as a public speaker or media personality
  • Emerging leaders transitioning into the job market after college or graduate school
  • Job-seekers who desire to improve their chances of attracting their ideal career
  • Companies or organizations that want to enhance the bottom line performance of their key executives, directors, or cultivate their next generation of leaders.

In addition to leading the comprehensive programs described in this website, Cynthia is also available for individual coaching sessions, workshops, speaking engagements, and seminars for half and full day sessions.

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