Cynthia frequently speaks to college students – emerging leaders and experienced leaders – corporate executives in the business and nonprofit community on topics relating to leadership presence, personal branding, image enhancement and management, self-image and etiquette.

Her inspirational tone is suitable for both large and small groups, keynote, workshops and seminars for half and full day sessions. Schedule her to speak at your next event.

What they’re saying…

I had my professional aha moment when I had recently attended a talk given by Cynthia White. The moral of her talk was, do not let your degree or resume define you. You are not a finite collection of skill sets and work experiences. It was the first time I realized the importance of developing one’s own personal brand. Small changes in body Language, dressing and the non-verbals can significantly increase our professional success. We should have a deeper understanding of our priorities, work culture and basic nature. One has to recognize the factors that contribute towards one’s success as well as happiness – both go hand-in-hand.
Prajit Pillai


I am honored and privileged to have met you on Monday at Colonial Job Seekers in Cary. I really enjoyed your presentation last Monday at Colonial Job Seekers. One of my take aways was to purchase the Strengths Finder 2.0 from Barnes and Noble and take the test on line. Also, I did get my hair colored by my beautiful wife on Tuesday and hair cut on Wednesday so I am ready to interview for the next assignment our great God has in store for me. I appreciate the comments you gave me about my clothes.
John Couillard

I recently had the pleasure of meeting and attending a presentation given by Cynthia White. I found her to be personable and a dynamic and passionate speaker, and a definite experienced professional in career coaching and leadership development. I highly recommend her services.
Sterling Ching

Cynthia presents herself with a lovely blend of dignity, class, calm and kindness. In her seminar she was very warm and friendly, inclusive, understanding and nonjudgmental. She helps women understand that we all have parts we want to highlight and others we’d rather downplay when dressing ourselves, and she gives real examples with color and fit in the seminar to guide each participant for a more flattering ensemble. The result is a more professional personal presentation and thus heightened self confidence. With regard to value – How many of us have blouses in our closet we don’t wear because they really aren’t very flattering? I realized after the seminar that for the cost of one blouse, she can guide women in her seminar to make much better choices in the future when shopping for clothes.
Kathy Meserve

Partner, Technology Commercialization Group, LLC

Thank you for the presentation entitled “5 Steps to Defining Your Branded Style for Success” that you made to the Colonial Baptist Job Seeker Group. It was a powerful presentation that opened my eyes about what I need to do to help me stand out in my job search. I had heard about personal branding, but you made it come alive! I have been out of work for over a year and it is difficult to stand out when there are so many people looking for work. I appreciate the information on “dress for success” style that you provided. I had never thought about the colors I wear but you gave me some good ideas. I liked the Features, Values and Benefits definitions that you provided. They will help me in my resume and in my cover letters. Again, I appreciate your presentation and the handout that you emailed me.
Martha W. Lowrance, M.Ed., J.D.

During her presentation to our group Cynthia provided valuable insights into how I can make small adjustments in my attitude and appearance which I will use to present myself more professionally.  Afterwards she was kind enough to spend additional time to help me with some specific questions I had.  I look forward to incorporating her suggestions every day to be more successful.
TJ Cawley

The tips that Cynthia White expressed in her presentation at St. Thomas More Church “ring” true as she stated that a person can sound confident.  I interviewed for a position over the telephone six months before I received a job offer.  It appears that I was confident and obtained the position without ever having a personal meeting with the hiring manager.
Ronald LaPlante

Cynthia presented Personal Branding Strategy Suggestions for Job Seekers. 24 job seekers participating in the JOBS NETWORK of St. Thomas More Catholic Church in Chapel Hill eagerly received Cynthia’s insights. Cynthia’s exceptional expertise in this critical subject is strongly recommended.
Mike Komives

Jobs Network

Thank you so much for coming to our Colonial Jobseekers meeting this past Monday.  I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and your personal recommendations which were very timely since I was two days away from an interview.  Your tips about style helped me to look my best, obviously very important since the first visual contact makes that extremely critical initial impression. In today’s market where there is brutal competition, we have to do everything possible to stand out. I especially liked your statement that “if you don’t brand yourself, someone else will. Personal branding is key!
Sybil B Vaughn, CPA (IL) MBA SPHR

Cynthia White has an uncanny ability to identify an individual’s assets and then teach him or her to maximize those assets into a personal brand. Coupled with that insight is the knowledge of marketing and personal development tools to take a client to the next level. White has a passion for excellence and I highly recommend her.
Carlotta Ungaro

President, Morrisville Chamber

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