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Stand Out: Be Recognized, Respected, Remembered and Rewarded

Everyone has leadership ability. For a fortunate few, those talents seem to rise to the surface naturally and effortlessly. For the rest of us, leadership is something we have to work at. Spending the time and effort to develop and leverage your personal brand is the best investment you can make in yourself, and one that is proven to be rewarding personally and financially. It’s what separates those who “tread water” professionally from those who forge ahead into deeper waters, earning promotions and expanding their range of influence.

Keystones of Leadership

Cynthia White & Associates offers a unique and proven personal and professional development program called Keystones of Leadership that will help you construct three critical support points – or “keystones” – to effective leadership.

Through this transformative three-phase process, you’ll learn how to discover and refine your personal brand Phase I
and then consistently project it through your physical presence Phase II and your communication Phase III.

This comprehensive approach is what sets the Keystones of Leadership program apart from others. We believe optimal success occurs only when your personal brand is clear, credible, and compelling — and effectively conveyed to others.

Phase I: Dimensions of Leadership

Discovering Your Personal Brand

In Phase I of our program, we’ll delve into your passions, dreams, values, strengths, experiences, and life purpose. We’ll peel back the layers of perception about you–your own self-perception as well as how others perceive you. We’ll pinpoint the hurdles–real or imagined–that are stopping you from achieving your full potential. Out of this process, the real, authentic “you” will emerge.

Phase II: Reflections of Leadership

Defining Your Branded Look with Style

In Phase II of our program, CW&A will help you fine tune your appearance so that it accurately projects your personal brand, increases your visibility and sets you apart from your competition.

Phase III: Expressions of Leadership

Distinguishing Your Communication

This final phase of our program is designed to equip you with a host of innovative communication/presentation strategies and social/business etiquette skills that will give you an edge in every interaction.

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