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Cynthia, thank you for all your time and assistance in revamping my image. I really appreciated the time we took shopping that helped me to gain practical ideas of how to create the look I am going for.

Cynthia White has an uncanny ability to identify an individual’s assets and then teach him or her to maximize those assets into a personal brand.  Coupled with that insight is the knowledge of marketing and personal development tools to take a client to the next level. White has a passion for excellence and I highly recommend her.

Carlotta Ungaro

President, Morrisville Chamber

Cynthia’s unique branding presentation helps many to visualize their God-given talents. Your presentation regarding branding and personal style…assisted us with living up to our theme focus: Stepping up our game and knowing our net worth.

Jonica Rowland

Agape Enrichment Group

The image consultation and the life coaching services that Cynthia has provided me have greatly impacted my perception and awareness of my personal image. What I have learned has also kindled a desire to present my best self, inside and out, no matter what environment I enter.


After attending Cynthia’s workshop tonight, I realized all the clothes I have in my closet I really don’t need and I can save a whole lot of space by going home and using some of the tools that Cynthia gave me for putting things together.

Thanks, Cynthia! I no longer have to guess at what looks great on me and I find that I am spending less time deciding what I am going to wear for the day.
Carolyn S.

The first thing we did was talk about what I wanted to say through my style and appearance. I am so energized…it has helped me feel like me again. Thanks, Cynthia!

Cynthia did a superb job in inspiring hope and confidence while delivering practical personal branding strategies and tools professionals in transitions could easily put into practice.

Paula Bryan

Colonial JobSeekers

I have collaborated with Cynthia White, founder of Cynthia White and Associates, for the past 20 years as a mentor and coach. As a business leader, Cynthia’s customized services have caused me to examine the personal and professional image that I project and challenged me to become more focused on solutions which represent my core values and brand identity. Her creative approach to engaging women has allowed me to become a shining jewel and survive a disruptive change in the workplace. In the world of business, it’s easy to get our priorities wrong but Cynthia “keeps me grounded” by combining her inspirational presence, image/ personal branding experience with leadership principles in inclusive and intimate forums which are designed to empower women (& men) to look and be the best!
Shelia K.

Senior Compliance Manager

I first met Cynthia at a workshop where she demonstrated her expertise in empowering others to develop their own professional image. I highly recommend Cynthia for anyone who is wanting to make a positive impression.

Robin Thomas

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