What You Wear

How You Wear It &

Why You Wear It Matters!

Like it or not, when it comes to first impressions, people make decisions about you based on what they see. 

  Time to… Level Up Your Remarkability!


Are you …

Transitioning to a new business or career and want to dress like you mean business?

Revamping or rebranding your image and desire to have a wardrobe that creates a next-level look?

Looking to level up and create the right look for an upcoming special online or in-public event?

Struggling because the Pandemic is challenging your style game?


You need to … 


Level Up Your


With the Virtual Branded Style Makeover!




That’s right, you can get styled, “contact-free”, without leaving your home!

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Every Woman has been Created and Designed to be Remarkable!

But few feel this way!
  • Even with a closet full of clothing, their clothes make them look, feel fat and less than fab!
  • They find themselves unsure of what works for them and why.
  • They lack the courage to try something new or different fearing they will look like they are trying too hard!
  • The pandemic is bringing confusion and changing the way we dress moving us to more casual office wear to the elusive work from home wardrobe.

It’s time to dress the part, put your best self forward, and feel empowered to reveal how remarkable you are from the inside out.

You Deserve To Look and Feel REMARKABLE.

And, I can get you there…. with grace, ease, and style!

My Signature Virtual Branded Style Makeover  Session is just what you need.

That’s right, you can get styled without leaving your home!

It’s time to Level Up Your Remarkability with a Virtual Branded Style Makeover. Together, virtually (online wherever you are), we will meet, assess your goals, needs and design a customized wardrobe branded style plan for your upcoming event or opportunity. We will remove the barriers so you can align your image and brand message using the clothes in your closet. This way, you will feel empowered to wear clothes that reveal just how remarkable you are.


Still wondering if this is for you? 
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The Level Up Your Remarkability -Virtual Branded Style Session

is Ideal for the Remarkable Woman in leadership who wants to Level Up for upcoming:

  • Interviews (in-person and online),
  • Photoshoots,
  • Speaking engagements or presentations(in-person and online),
  • Business meetings(in-person and online),
  • Date nights out on the town,
  • Or because you deserve to put your best self forward, own your space and confidently dress like you mean business.
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Meet Cynthia White



I am on a mission to inspire every woman to embrace her remarkability! Every woman deserves to manage her presence and maximize her potential by learning to put her best self forward. I am passionate about helping women look, think and act like The Complete Leader. Leverage my almost 10 years of experience and skills as a certified Brand Strategist, Image and Etiquette Consultant to help you Level Up your remarkability. With my partnership, you’ll take all of the stress out of leveling up your remarkability.

With my partnership, I’ve created a virtual styling session to help you take the stress out of leveling up your remarkability. This style session helps you design a look that fits and reflects your brand message with style, grace and ease. From the comfort of your home, using the clothes in your closet, I will also help you think outside the box.

Showing you how to pair colors, textures, and prints, we will create a look that is worth the remark. And, I will make suggestions on fabulous finds to add to your wardrobe to breathe new life into your closet.

Imagine having me as your virtual brand stylist-mentor on speed dial ready to help you create the right look for an upcoming:

  • Interview,
  • Photo Shoot,
  • Evening Event,
  • Speaking engagement or presentation,
  • Business meeting,
  • Date night out on the town,
  • A Vacation,
  • Or because every Remarkable Woman in leadership deserves to put her best self forward.
Let’s Get Started!

Ready to revamp, align your brand and image and feel more remarkable-worth the remark?

Your Virtual Branded Style Session Includes:

  • Branded Style Assessment
    • Pre-work to help create your authentic look (to be completed on your own and gain help on identifying pictures of items to upload and send in advance)
  • Branded Style Alignment- 1.5-hour session on ZOOM
    • Discuss your goals.
    • Identify your upcoming event.
    • Create your customized wardrobe plan for your upcoming engagement or opportunity.
    • Create your virtual lookbook (after the session).
    • Receive one follow-up conversation before the Activation call. 
  • Branded Style Success Activation Call-30 minutes
    • Follow-up conversation to discuss your results and evaluate your progress.

BONUS: Branded Style Wardrobe Essentials Worksheet-A guide to help you assess gaps in your wardrobe. It’s also a helpful resource to help you save time and when shopping for yourself.

This premium service is valued at $347

Your Mind-Blowing Price: $197 (Limited-time Special Grace and Ease Pricing due to the Pandemic)

Want to go deeper? Wait! There’s more!

Take back your power! To finish the year strong, I’m launching a new 6-week Level Up Your Remarkability Branded Style Mastermind Group CoachingStarting November 13th, 2020!

Each week we take a deeper dive helping you understand your brand message, clarify your style voice, increase your confidence to show up and lead well

The Level Up Your Remarkability Mastermind Highlights:

  • Weekly 1-hr Topical Training delivered on ZOOM
  • Worksheets for each training
  • Weekly Audio-based training Sessions
  • Hot seat spotlight each meeting

Theme: The Power of Creating Memorable Brand Image and Weekly Topics:

  • Identifying Your Authentic Brand Persona and Strategies to Becoming More Magnetic
  • Visual Brand Styling Tips to Help You Show Up More Confident and Powerful
  • Dressing from a Restful Place by Decluttering Your Closet
  • Ten Wardrobe Must-Haves to Creating Your Branded Style WFH (Work From Home) WardrobeTips for Making a Great and Lasting First Impression while on Zoom
  • Tips to Remixing and Refreshing Your Current Wardrobe- Tips to Help You Show Up More Confident and Powerful
  • Ten Wardrobe Must-Haves to Creating Your Branded Style Wardrobe

Fast Action Bonus (available until October 23rd):
Branded Style Journal
One 30-minute private “pick my brain” Activation Call per member

Mastermind-Introductory Rate: $297 (space limited to 15)

Or, take advantage of the Ultimate VBS Bundle: Level UP-VBS and Level Up-MasterMind: $397

Payments 3 of $140

After Your Virtual Branded Style Session You Will…

  • Look your best and feel confident in your clothes.
  • Wear clothes you LOVE that communicate the right message.
  • Increase opportunities to magnetically attract success.
  • Know how to add accessories that help you “bling” it on.
  • Effortlessly create a head-to-toe look.
  • Have tricks and tips to play up your best assets.

It’s Time To Look & Feel Like The Remarkable Woman!

Ready To Look And Feel Amazing?




$197 or $397


Will I need to send pictures in advance?
Yes, you will be provided with a list of items in your welcome package to send to me 72 hours before your session.
Where does this session take place?
Virtually, on ZOOM, in the comfort of your home or office.
How do I pay for my session?
Your 1.5 hour virtual session is included in your Virtual Branded Style Makeover session.
Will I have to purchase clothing through your company?
No, we will start with the clothes in your closet. However, if they are gaps or you are looking for other fabulous finds, I can make suggestions. You will be provided with the link so that you can take care of making the purchase.
Can I meet with you in person?
Although this is virtual session, you can, but there is an additional charge. If you are interested email me at: cynthia@cynthiawhiteandassociates.com
Can you shop for me?
Absolutely! But there an additional charge.If you are interested email me at: cynthia@cynthiawhiteandassociates.com
Should I shop before we meet?
That won’t be necessary. Remember this is an grace and ease styling experience. So, relax, you are in great hands!
How much time does the service take?
Once you schedule your session, the process will be completed within two weeks at the most. About two hours will be spent meeting either by ZOOM or Voxer. The details of the process will be explained during your first session.