The royal wedding of the century took place today.  Finally, Prince William and Kate experienced the ultimate pomp and splendor of a fairytale wedding under the watchful eyes of millions of viewers.  I woke up at 5:30 am to join the ranks!  Although it was deserving of attention, as is every wedding, for most in Britain and around the world, time stood still.

Everything was magical and spectacular: the dress and tiara, though minimal, modern and tasteful; the vows; the bells of Westminster; the stunning hats; the Queen impeccably dressed in yellow; the horse and carriage; the traditions and the loved shared between the couple all amazingly fantastic!

Wedding memories are forever etched in our minds.  Personally, I still remember my wedding after almost 24 years.  Yes, I would marry the same man again and I hope Kate will share the same sentiment 24 years from now!

Weddings are a time to create a presence of polish and poise, well displayed by the Duke and Duchess.  At the Abbey, this grand occasion has been thoroughly planned and rehearsed for months.  The guidelines of etiquette have been followed with precision timing.

Regardless of a wedding at the Abbey, in the Caribbean, in a church, a botanical garden or at the Justice of the Peace, every wedding is deserving of the honor and should be treated as a special and sacred event.  Today’s celebration arrives on the cusp of the wedding season.  As a certified Image and Etiquette Coach, I thought it would be beneficial to share some etiquette guidelines to help make any wedding a royal event:

  1. If you choose to wear a hat, make sure to wear your hat straight across your face.  Consider your face shape when choosing the proper hat and make sure that the color is suitable for the overall coloring of your skin, hair and eyes.
  2. The receiving line is the place to greet the wedding party with gracious and brief congratulatory comments.
  3. Always plan your wardrobe according to the location, time of the ceremony and wardrobe preferences stated on the invitation.  Avoid wearing clothes that would distract from the bride and groom.
  4. Take the time to sign the guest book, it is a great way for the couple to reflect on their special day and reminisce about each guest who attended their celebration.
  5. If you happen to arrive after the procession, wait for a break in the ceremony and enter quietly.
  6. Silence your phone and no texting or tweeting during the ceremony!
  7. Typically, it is rude to take pictures during the ceremony.  Therefore, make sure to adhere to the request especially if it has been stated verbally or in print.
  8. Although it is improper to make gift suggestions on the invitation, most brides and grooms appreciate receiving a gift, unless otherwise stated.  Therefore, always give an appropriate and meaningful gift: whether it is money, something from the registry or a donation to a cause.
  9. Formal daytime weddings:  Women should wear knee length dresses.  Hats and gloves are optional unless otherwise stated;  Men should wear dark suits with shirt, neck or bow tie.
  10. When making a toast, it is more appreciated to make it meaningful and memorable.  Usually, the best man initiates the first toast. The speech extending well wishes should be given to the bride and groom.  It is acceptable to rehearse it before giving it.

      Weddings are intended to fascinate and delight.  There are some things that you always, never and sometimes do in order to make it royal over regular.