In most places, cooler fall weather is upon us, bringing a welcomed change of seasons. Crisp and cool mornings start the day. Vibrant colors burst onto the scene in neighborhoods. Red, yellow and golden leaves effortlessly fall from the trees. What a relaxing and cozy time of the year! I love fall!

This is also a great time to level up your style and come in alignment with your personal brand. This year brought several cool new trends in clothes, shoes, and accessories that are flooding the stores. For most of us, this breadth of style options can feel overwhelming. But, it doesn’t have to be.

Revive your wardrobe with new outfits designed to take you into this season looking and feeling remarkable! Making sure that you have the right pieces in your closet is key, but trend awareness doesn’t mean you have to buy an entirely new wardrobe. With a little guidance and creativity, you can pull together a stylish experience that speaks well of your brand image.

In just a few minutes, my hope is that you will be falling for the season’s must-haves! Because I’m about “grace and ease” I promise to keep it simple. I will share six must-have fashion trends to get you started in creating a variety of chic outfits while keeping you on the cutting edge of style.

Remember these are suggestions. Never force yourself into any trend. Brew a cup of your favorite tea. Sip and savor! Let’s get started:

1. Neon Colors
Neon colors made the catwalk in spring and summer 2019 and the colors are still screaming for your attention this fall. You’ll definitely be sure to stand out as you’re seen coming from a distance when you’re wearing neon green, pink, orange or yellow. Honestly, this one is difficult for me. So, I chose to keep it simple by choosing a neon yellow-green blouse to pair with neutral power colors like blue and black. Whether you wear it head-to-toe, as a subtle accent color, or as a trendy print like snakeskin or with chic and elegant evening attire, wear it with confidence. To help you go bold, check out my Pinterest board to get ideas for wearing neon colors that best fit your brand style voice.

2. Micro Handbags
Looking to embrace a simplistic and minimalistic look? Consider sporting a mini chic handbag. At first glance, it can appear juvenile and impractical. But, don’t sleep on this one! They come in all sizes, trims, and materials while effectively straddling the lines of elegance and casualness. These bags truly are little works of art, great conversation starters, and statement pieces. During recent flights to Aspen, Colorado, and Chicago, Illinois they were my go-to bag. They are perfect for traveling when you only need to carry your ID, ticket, lipstick and cell phone through the airport. And, best of all the micro handbag slips easily into a bigger carry on without the added expense or weight!

3. Wide-leg Jeans
While you may have enjoyed the skinny jean, which seems to be on the way out this season, consider replacing that style with flares or wide-leg jeans. Whew! A welcomed relief. What a great way to get some breathing room for our legs. This is a great twist on the mom jeans and they are relaxing and stylish. I found my cropped wide-leg jeans at Banana Republic. And, I love wearing them with my favorite white or leopard booties!

4. Floral Prints
They’re not just for spring and summer! We usually think of floral prints as a warm-weather choice, but designers have presented floral prints in winter for the last couple of years. To make the outfit more fall and winter appropriate, look for a darker background and undertone as the base of the print, like black, navy, or brown. Consider them as your midnight blooms. This look is work-appropriate and ideal to wear out on the town. Also, embroidery is a great way to add a new perspective and a feminine touch to wearing florals this season.

5. Capes
Outerwear is an important element of your branded style wardrobe. Capes are perfect and this season’s designs deserve to be taken seriously. They are chic, versatile and can be worn for many months out of the year. Whether long, short, belted, in basic solid or bright colors, pastels, or in floral prints, this is truly a fresh look. It’s a great layer for workwear and beyond into an evening of elegance over a gown. Step out on the town draping your cape over your sweater, wearing it with jeans and boots. Also, try wearing it as a monochromatic look, pairing with skirts and dresses or adding fringe to make that right statement.

6. Tweed Blazers
Blazers are a great addition and staple to any well-branded style wardrobe. It’s that piece that makes any outfit look put together and requires no effort to wear it. Tweed, rich in style history, is a very popular and timeless fabric. During the 19th century in Scotland, it was ideal for providing warmth in the rain and cold. Regardless of where you live, tweed can be worn for casual, work and formal occasions and events. Find your favorite plaid color combination. Today’s tweed is more stylish and can be paired with a dress, jeans, pants, a skirt or as a complete skirt-suit or pantsuit. Wear a shirt, colorful necklace, jeans and boots for great outfit that transitions nicely from work to play. Tweed jackets whether long or short allow you to stay warm, trendy and classy. Add another twist by belting the look.

Standing out and feeling remarkable every single day means you must have the right pieces in your closet specifically tailored for the fall season. This list of must-haves is easy to put together and should be fairly timeless in terms of wearing it again next year.

Remember your brand is a reflection of who you are and how you want to be known and remembered. Visually, people must connect with you and your brand. You’ll want to show your own personality when wearing these pieces or any piece of clothing.

When it comes to your branded style, wear what expresses the real and best version of you! This way, no matter what day of the week, you will look your best, aligned from the inside out, and it will be relatively effortless and memorable.

And as always: To thine own branded style be true. Go forth. Lead well with grace, ease, and style! Let me know your must-have faves from this list. Feel free to comment letting me know your must-have faves from this list.