Dressing the part is crucial to strengthening the visual perception that others have of you and your unique promise of value.  Your personal brand as a leader matters.  Avoid having people whose opinions you value question your abilities simply by the way you package and present yourself.  As shallow as it seems, your image can impact your brand negatively and positively simply by the way you look.  So, take the time to consider the way you define your branded look as a business professional.

You absolutely want to make looking your best a part of your job. A good work image can boost your self-confidence, gain the respect of others, and even lead to promotions. Not to mention that looking great makes you feel better, which makes you perform better. As a Personal Brand Strategist, it is my commitment to educate and empower you with strategies to help you lead the way in shining as a polished professional with a brand worth noticing.

The following information will help you make important purchasing decisions regarding your work wardrobe.  First, start by narrowing your focus by honestly examining your work wardrobe and determining how you want to be perceived. Not only should your personal brand project a leadership presence that is polished, poised and professional but it should clearly and consistently reflect your brand attributes.  For instance, if you want to be perceived as innovative, start with your closet. Your promise of value can be captured and showcased through the wardrobe choices you make.  Also, choose wisely by dressing now for the job of your dreams.

Business Formal

1.            If your work environment requires a suit, regardless of if you are a man or woman; make the sacrifice to invest the time and resources into a well-tailored suit. By “well-tailored”, I do not mean custom literally but figuratively, it is made to fit every curve in your life.  It reflects your passions, personality, lifestyles, values and strengths. Choose several great suits that you can pair with a variety of shirts and ties or blouses and knit tops to look different week after week. It may feel like a splurge, but rather view it as an investment in your future. The key is to create a plan.

Business Casual

2.            If your work environment is not quite as formal, consider investing in a quality business casual wardrobe.  Your basic core pieces for work will consist of: slacks, trousers, blazers, skirts – in neutral colors (brown, black, navy, and gray).  Although moderately priced, lower than a suit, still look for clean details. The simpler the pieces, the easier it is to make them look expensive if the outfit is well put together. It is helpful to create wardrobe capsules.

Note of caution: if you’ve embarked on a weight-loss program, buy less expensive basics which are appropriate for your personal style and body type, until you reach your goal.

It’s All in the Details

3.            Certain symbols carry a lot of prestige in the business world. A leather briefcase, designer purse, a gold watch or ring, expensive wingtips or pumps, even down to your buttons and lapel trim can send the signal that you are highly successful and competent at what you do. Therefore, be mindful of the fact that even the smallest details can send the message of your promise of value and the experience of success that you create for yourself and others. It is helpful to be purposeful and intentional.

Finally, always make sure that your wardrobe choices are most flattering to your body type, overall coloring, personal style and lifestyle. As a result, when you walk into the room for that meeting or to give that powerful presentation, not only will you be respected and recognizable but you will be remembered as the leader who presence was branded by a look that was well defined. But expect your credibility to increase your demand and people begin to ask for you by name!  Yes, it only takes one look!