Recently, I came across a quote that sums up the feeling that most of us have about midlife:

“One of the biggest fears is that you’re past your best or prime.  Essentially, you think that the stuff you’ve done in the past is your best work.”

Nothing is further from the truth!!! I am convinced that mid-life is not the end but the beginning to becoming the best Y-O-U!  Yet, sometimes we can feel that way due to changes, shifts and setbacks such as:

  • Children leaving the home or adult children returning home
  • Raising grandchildren with more time but less energy
  • Increasing health challenges
  • Feeling like you are in a dead-end career
  • Receiving the card for AARP in the mail when you turn 50!

Transformation in your life and in those around you can happen at mid-life when you emerge with a clear and confident presence.  Your effectiveness will be truly remarkable as you fulfill your expertise and leave a lasting mark that counts.  Therefore, in continuation of last week’s blog, here are some additional helpful tips to inspire you to continue to develop an effective leadership presence in your personal and professional life:

1.  Learn to live with simplicity and contentment – In this over-indulgent, complex and fast paced society, this is challenging and requires a great deal of courage.  Do you really need so many channels on the TV, apps for your phone, clothes in your closet or books on your shelves? Living with simplicity reduces your stress level, strengthens you financially and increases your productivity.  Learn to repurpose your clothing, furniture, containers, books and magazines etc. Lastly, choose to surround yourself with the things that you love.

Action Point: Go through your closet and remove all garments that you don’t love or that don’t flatter your body shape and overall coloring.

2.  Live Your Life on Purpose – There is nothing more fulfilling in life than having a reason for getting up in the morning with a focused and a clear path to follow.  One of the best ways to accomplish that is to develop your own personal mission statement.  Look for common threads and patterns.  Keep your eyes on the big picture.  Make the statement brief, easily understood and memorable.

Action Point: Grab a sheet of paper, write what you do and why. Think about your life, what are your passions?  Write it in about 8-10 words.

3.  Detox your life relationally – Perhaps you have heard that bad company spoils good morals and that iron sharpens irons?  Be mindful of who you choose to spend the bulk of your time.  Look for advisors, comrades or supporters who celebrate, not tolerate, your success and choose to allow your strengths to overshadow your weaknesses. Likewise, extend grace for temporary detours and setbacks realizing that with the right support and encouragement you will get back on track. Learn to foster and build healthy relationships.

Action Point:  Make a “Top 10” list of your celebrators.  Phone, text, email or send them a card expressing gratitude.

4.  Completely Accept Yourself – You are wonderfully made with a tremendous amount of great qualities.  One of the best things about getting older is that you are less afraid of your weaknesses. Therefore, focus on the strengths that you possess by learning to showcase and promote them to the world. Back to embracing your body: if you love your eyes, wear eye make-up or choose a blouse color that will intensify and enhance your eyes.

Action Point:  Develop a list of the parts of your body that you love and ways that you can showcase them.  Ask a professional image consultant or a friend with a trained eye.

As it has been said, “it matters not how you start but how you finish.”  So go ahead, seize the moment, reflect the BEST of you every day in every way.  Hopefully you will show up the way you deserve to be perceived – brilliantly!