Let’s face it getting older is about moving from one transition to another.  One of the signs of aging for me personally is forgetting where I put things like, my phone, keys, and shoes etc.  This is oftentimes frustrating for my teenagers, because it normally happens minutes before we have to leave the house which means that everyone must join in the search for the lost treasure.

Sometimes in life, moving from one transition to another can cause us to lose our personal style which affects our ability to feel beautiful.  For instance after having children, we tend to lose our sense of style and before we know it we too are wearing mom jeans.  Although we have fleeting moments of style greatness, it is still a challenge sustain it.  Also, after ending a relationship and we find ourselves single again, but unfortunately unprepared to return to the world of dating. These transitional periods oftentimes leave us feeling, unattractive, incompetent and weary.

The truth of the matter is that we do not need to embark on a search and recovery of our beauty but instead a search and discovery.  So, here are 5 things to try on in order to begin our search of discovering our true beauty:

  • List your 5 best assets; play to your strengths
  • List the key values that guide your life in a way that brings beauty to you and those around you
  • List 3 people that you admire and find beautiful.  Write down their attributes and begin to imitate them
  • List your passions and create ways to incorporate them into your life
  • List your top priorities in life and begin making them

As always, Try it on……see if it fits! Remember, “Never mind searching for who you are.  Desire to be search for the person you aspire to be.”  May we never stop searching to discover our true beauty!