Growing up, although I had a sense of style, thanks to my mother, I still struggled to embrace my own beauty.  I felt that I was not pretty or good enough because of the color of my skin and the texture and length of my hair.  My insecurities caused me to live beneath my privilege of experiencing a sensational life even though I desired to live differently.  As a result, not only did I hide my beauty but I found it difficult to express it to those around me. I needed a breakthrough!

I received my breakthrough when my warped thinking was changed by the realization that even I was created to be beautiful and to create beauty.  Fortunately, my life now has been transformed spiritually.  Now, my inside is aligned with my outside and I have the confidence to powerfully create and experience the life of beauty that I desired  but felt undeserving of.  Best of all, I am able to be true to my own personal style!

Unfortunately, many women are not experiencing the sensational life of beauty designed for them, finding themselves stuck in need of a breakthrough.  They constantly struggle to confidently express their true personal style outwardly because of the turmoil in their internal world caused by their limiting beliefs.  It is alarming to think that 90% of all American women are dissatisfied with themselves in some way, held captive to thoughts such as:

  • I will never look beautiful so why bother trying.
  • I will not be accepted or liked
  • I am not smart enough
  • I am not a great communicator
  • I am not pretty enough
  • My style is frumpy and outdated
  • I will not be noticed for my abilities
  • I do not have what it takes to sustain my business

Limiting beliefs are powerful and destructive because we tend to become a reflection of our thoughts.  Unless we change our mindset we will continue to be held hostage to the views placed upon us by our culture, family of origin or life experiences thus making it difficult to be true to our own personal style.

Here are 5 simple tips to empower you to illuminate your beauty and experience your breakthrough so that you can release your brilliance/greatness:

1. Acknowledge the limiting beliefs-Be willing to be honest with yourself by admitting when they show up in your life.  Avoid making excuses about them.

2. Consider the source.  Dig deep, get beneath the surface and find the root cause. Just as it is important to remove the root ball when cutting down a tree in order to prevent unwanted new growth from taking place such is the cause with limiting beliefs. Ask questions like:

  • Where did these beliefs begin?
  • Who was responsible for encouraging me to believe this message?
  • What significant event happened that shaped my thinking?

3. Dream about what you want to become.

  • Create a mental picture in your mind
  • Identify an icon or heroine that you admire

4. Give yourself permission to think on positive things.  Replace negative thoughts with positive, life giving thoughts.

  • Write them out
  • Memorize them
  • Repeat them daily as an affirmation

5. Surround yourself with people and activities that promote and encourage you to create the sensational life and personal style that you deserve.  Remember bad company spoils good morals.  Therefore:

  • Create space in your life for the relationship.
  • Make it a habit and a regular part of your routine

When it comes to creating the sensational life that you deserve, you do not have to sacrifice your sense of personal style to do so especially when you refuse to allow your limiting beliefs to get in your way!  A sensational life should be reflected by great style that makes a lasting impact……..bringing beauty into being!  Watch out!  I feel a breakthrough coming your way!!!