When you’re in the midst of building a business, resting may be the last thing you naturally think of as part of your brand strategy plan. Especially in our fast-paced world with project deadlines, mile-long to-do lists, money to make, and appointments and meetings to keep.

But counter to what you might think, rest and relaxation are often just what you need to be more productive and effective as a leader. Yes, there are times when you need to hustle to get things done. But I have seen first-hand the value that regular periods of rest deliver, both personally and professionally.

To stand in the gap for others as a Keystone Leader, you must first take care of yourself – mind, body and spirit. You must honor the life that you have been given because it’s too REMARKABLE to waste. The truth is if you don’t give yourself ample rest, eventually you will burn out and someone else will finish what you started.

Make your life count. Learn to rest and build! You have been given a unique gift and purpose to carry out in the world. But if you exhaust yourself – everything will suffer – especially your brand and reputation as a leader.

However, because I have been there, I desire to share with you a page from my own life. I’m convinced that one of the keys to being The Complete Leader in your business, is to embrace and allow consistent periods for down time each and every day. Stand above your competition – let them hustle and grind!

Here are 5 ways that resting helps you build a stronger leadership brand:

1. Recharges Your Energy

The reality is this: Your body does not have unlimited energy resources. It must be recharged on a regular basis. Just like the need to eat, drink, sleep and exercise for well-being and energy, you also must rest. To have the energy you need to serve as a leader, you must allow yourself down time.

2. Creates a Clear Mind

If you’re constantly trying to force more and more work out of yourself without a break, it’s likely that you are actually less effective. But having some down time can help clear your mind. It is in the quiet times that you can more easily access your creativity and inspiration. Rest and relaxation give you a chance to reconnect with your purpose and the deeper meaning to your work. It can also help to boost your memory, avoid costly mistakes and make you more adept at solving problems.

3. Helps You to Be Present

Resting – even just for a few minutes – allows you to quiet your frenzied mind, get back into balance and be present for the people you serve. Personally, I make it a practice to start my day by setting my timer for 10 minutes of complete silence. This is my way of training my mind and anxious heart to settle down so that I can be more present for whatever comes my way.

4. Fosters Better Health

Time and time again studies show that rest has many health benefits including better weight maintenance, a healthier heart and the ability to ward against diseases like diabetes and cancer.  A regular practice of rest will help you sleep better and feel better overall. Consider enjoying a cup of tea loaded with antioxidants during your relaxation time for even better health!

5. Helps Maintain a Positive Mindset

There’s nothing like stress and overworking to feed a negative mindset. A bit of time to center yourself can really help you to reach for more positive thoughts. Allow yourself time to relax so you can show up as your best self and lead well. Trust me, your clients and team will appreciate it!

The bottom line is this: if you don’t take the time to rest and build, it will take a toll on your body, your life and your ability to show up as The Complete Leader that you are. So take the time to invite rest into your life in a way that works for you and watch your business SOAR.

What will you do to rest this week? Tea with a friend? Sleep in? Get a massage? Sit quietly and read or write in your journal? Whatever you choose for rest and relaxation, I encourage you to decide ahead of time what you will do and when, and then note it in your calendar. Consider it a commitment to yourself, your business and the people you serve. Now is the time to show up rested, relaxed and ready to lead!

I want to hear what you’re doing to rest and relax this week. Please share in the comments below!