Color is such a powerful way to create a remarkable personal brand as a leader. It can be used to communicate the uniqueness of your leadership presence with a creative twist. This is a new year, new you and time for a new view!

Here’s a fresh perspective to help you show your true colors: “Color is your friend.” Even leaders need to encourage fun into their lives. Therefore, I am here to inspire you to have fun and play with color. To revamp or reframe your presence, invite some new colors in your wardrobe to express and give life to your authentic personal style! Whether you desire to create a presence that represents authority, femininity, innovation, trustworthiness, energy or approachability, communicate it with color.

Choose color wisely

However, choose your colors wisely by making sure that the shade, temperature and value enhances and harmonizes with your overall skin, hair and eye tones. If you are unsure, consult with an image consultant for help. To get you started here are some easy strategies:

  1. If you’re wearing a neutral-colored cardigan, wear a bold-colored blouse underneath or bust out and wear a leopard print cardigan over a neutral-colored blouse.
  2. Other places to add color can be in gloves, shoes, jewelry or purses. If you are not keen on too much color, go for texture.
  3. Underneath a colored, lined blazer, add a blouse with ruffles, turtleneck or cami.
  4. Add a colorful scarf to a jacket to add extra pizzazz!
  5. Choose colors to relate to specific occasions – realizing the perception and effect it will create.

You deserve to create the best version of yourself every time. The key is to be open minded, choosing only to wear the colors that inspire your heart to sing! When you choose to only wear your best colors, you cannot help but love the way you look and feel. Now, it is your turn to go to your closet and begin to play!

Next time, I will share great places to search for color inspiration.