life coachingRecently, I went to a neighborhood cookout hosted in Rocky Mount, the place where my brothers and I spent our summer breaks.    It caused me to appreciate and embrace my own personal life story.   I personally believe that God, in His love, has designed a Life Story that should be lived out with passion and purpose.   However, transitions and changes, which are a necessary part of this journey, resemble pot holes or detours causing us to get us off course, lose perspective or, even worse, give up.   It is especially crucial during these dark and difficult times, to have someone walk beside us, equipped with a “flashlight” prepared to guide us to the right path and empower us with strategies to stay on it.

Coaching is not new.  Growing up as an athlete, I can still remember my science teacher, Mrs. Long, who happened to be my track coach although I am convinced she never ran a day in her life!  Yet, she was fondly revered as our track coach because she motivated us to be successful in the classroom and on the track.   Not only do athletes need a coach, but business executives, entertainers, and writers all know the correlation between coaching and success in their professional life.  Likewise, when it comes to creating the successful life that we deserve, having a qualified Life Coach pushing and empowering us to become more successful in life is invaluable.

Life Coaching is a fairly new profession.  According to the International Coach Federation, “Coaching is a partnership with the client in a thought provoking and creative process to inspire the individual to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

The life coach is essentially a mentor who asks thought provoking questions in order to create opportunities for the client to set achievable goals, utilize worksheets and techniques to crystallize their dreams and desires, while gaining greater knowledge of themselves .   Through the implementation of valuable assessments the life coach can add perspective and clarity to the individual’s life as well as provides better knowledge of their internal world in order to feel confident to experience greater success in life.

This ongoing relationship encourages personal growth and emotional well being while providing a context for self discovery and transformational solutions to be embraced.  The sessions can be offered in person, by phone, through emails as well as individually or in a group, depending on personal preference and budget.

According to the American Association of Christian Counselors, the Life Coach takes you from where are to where you want to be in life.  They simply set the stage and provide the context for realization of awesome qualities that are already exist but buried or hidden by overwhelming life shifts.   Once illumination of these beautiful qualities takes place and the necessary resources are implemented the client is capable of seeing the beauty of a life lived passionately on purpose!  The Life Coach knows personally that this type of alignment, balance and harmony improves the individual’s performance, allowing them to experience a greater quality of life.  When this occurs, success is created as a result of this partnership.

Looking for a way to create the success in life that you deserve?  Avoid going at it alone. Why not consider seeking the services of a professional Life Coach. You deserve to live a successful life!