Anyone who knows me, know my mantra concerning style: “true style is not just an accessory but a necessity.”  According to Y Saint Laurent, “fashion fades, but style is eternal.”  Style is the distinct flair that you bring to the table. Style is a beautiful thing.  The good news is that everyone has style, but not everyone is comfortable with projecting it.  Whether you style is Classic, Casual, Dramatic, Bohemian, Romantic or Sporty, remember to your own style be true.

One effective way to express your style is through adding the right accessories.  Accessories are necessary because they compliment and complete your outfit, allows you to accentuate the positive while enhancing your style with eye catching appeal that enables your style to become more distinct.  Simply put, accessories, like spice is to meat, is the enhancer that brings out the richness to your outfit while adding flavor to the style.  Now that my friend is a beautiful thing!!!

This spring, why not add more colorful earrings, rings, belts, watches, necklaces, shoes, hats, scarves, purses and pins to your outfit.  Instantly you will transform your outfit by having it go from fair to fabulous with a little effort, time and money.  This is a low cost way to effectively breathe new life into an old outfit.

Let’s go back to the color tomato puree (red/scarlet or crimson) that we talked about earlier in the week. When it comes to accessories here are some tips to try:

  • Add grey, white and/or black bangles with different textures like wood, stones etc.
  • Add a necklace or 2(even 3) in green, chocolate, yellow gold or orange white a tomato puree colored outfit; try layering your pieces by varying your lengths
  • Add tomato puree colored shoes to a dress in fuschia(pink raspberry), chocolate or orange
  • Add a Tomato puree colored rosette pin to a tee for a punch of color; a little color goes a long way!

Have fun finding creative ways to add this color to your spring wardrobe!  Need suggestions on great handcrafted jewelry to meet your accessory needs, or best enhancing colors for you personally or body assessment to help you find the perfect fit when it comes to your clothing, please post a comment here or email me at: cynthia@cynthiawhiteandassociates.com.

As always, Try it on…….See if it fits!