Recently, I met a woman who stated that she was “remarkable” when asked how she was doing. Impressed by her comment, I felt compelled to visualize a way to package that kind of presence – given the fact that the word means “worthy of notice”. Immediately, I conjured up words like extraordinary, exceptional, wonderful, admirable, striking, distinguished, magnificent, prominent and splendid.

Great things occur when you are convinced that you were designed to live a remarkable life. Therefore, when people encounter you after the interaction, and because of your ability to project the best that is within, you can be perceived as remarkable. It simply requires a paradigm shift. You must choose to see every opportunity as a divine and unique appointment with a determination to “own the space”. You are worth being noticed.

Here are 3 simple tips to empower you to be remarkable:

1.         Make a list of the remarkable people in your life.  Spend time with them, engage in conversation, observe their positive traits and glean from them.  It has been said that if you want to know a person’s true character, look at their friends.

2.         When engaging in conversation, be mindful of the tone, volume and the rate of speed of your voice.  The listener is making impressions about your confidence and competency when you open your mouth:

  • If you speak too softly, you could be perceived as shy.
  • If you speak too slowly or in a monotone, you could frustrate the listener.
  • If you talk too fast, it could make it difficult for the listener to understand you.

3.         Make styling yourself a lifestyle. Create and organize your wardrobe so that you look remarkable whenever you step out to greet the world!  Pretend like the paparazzi are lurking about ready to snap a photo of you that will appear on your favorite magazine cover.  You are a star!

Avoid squandering your opportunities in life to make great things happen. Remember the words of Seth Godin: “How dare you settle for less when the world has made it so easy for you to be remarkable”.

Today, decide to create a presence that is remarkable.  No more settling for being usual, typical or ordinary. Show up, resolved to accomplish the “one thing” that you were created to achieve. When you manage your presence, without a doubt, you will maximize your potential!