Are you unstoppable?  To be unstoppable means to preserve, endure and continue to press towards a goal despite the obstacles, challenges and setbacks.  In order to lead effectively, every leader must create and maintain an unstoppable leadership presence.

This can only happen when you, as a leader, become clear and confident about your purpose and commit to live by it.  Once this happens, you will have the power to pursue your opportunities in an unstoppable way that is compelling to those around you.

For me personally, my ‘moment of clarity’ came about 12 years ago, while leading a group of leaders in a non-profit group. I invited my husband, who at that time was a consultant, to conduct a strategic planning session. He had us connect everything that we sought to accomplish to our personal purpose/mission statement. That was a life-altering experience and I shared mine which was simply “To live in such a way that I bring beauty into being.” That statement has become the fuel for my vision for my business, Cynthia White and Associates.  I desire to equip and inspire leaders to create a leadership presence that is authentically beautiful (pleasant) in every sense of the word.

I am convinced that we are uniquely made for a specific God-given task.  Just as a potter creates and designs a clay pot with a specific function in mind, likewise our Creator has made us for a specific purpose and plan.  Our purpose/mission is a reflection of core values (guardrails) and passions (heart cries) put into action. We have been tailor-made for it and we personalize it by choosing to live it out in our own style in a manner that compels others around us to become greater.

Not only does our purpose, as leaders, give our lives significance but it also illuminates our path and keep us focused and on course. I know this to be true, personally, that regardless of the disappointments, rejections, failures or roadblocks, as a leader, when you choose to maintain a confident, credible and compelling leadership presence, founded upon a clear purpose, you will stay on course and be unstoppable!

Therefore, whether you have a purpose/mission for your life or are in need of refining your purpose, keep it simple and authentic. Make it a statement that you live by and repeat to others.  Here are 5 helpful questions to get you started:

1.            Who am I now? Describe your personality, theme and the things that make you unique.

2.            What are my strengths/gifts that I am really naturally good at doing? List the things that have shaped your interests, accomplishments, personal life and work experience, and skills acquired.

3.            When should I accomplish this task? Timing is everything! Consider your lifestyle and capacity. When are these gifts/strengths best realized?

4.            Why do I feel passionately about this? Identify your one unique calling that you would do even if you did not get paid. Consider your motivation, reflect on your past, list your dreams and desires that are remarkable.

5.            How will I accomplish this purpose/ mission? What type of capital is needed: people, finances, intellectual?  How will you go about implementing and integrating it into your life? List your obstacles and ways to remove them.

A life purpose/mission well presented, packaged and promotable is transformational! Once you have developed your statement, memorize it.  Allow your life to be fueled by a life purpose/mission statement that projects an UNSTOPPABLE presence that reflects the best version of Y-O-U on purpose!

Next time, let’s discuss how to course correct when you lose focus.