When was the last time feelings of exhaustion challenged your ability to confidently manage your presence as a leader? Did you realize that certain colors enhance your mood?  Ever noticed how people who wear certain colors appear more approachable?  Color is a powerful way to provide inspiration to create greatness.  However, when it comes to the power of your personal brand, choose your colors strategically.

Do not miss out on the privilege of allowing color inspiration to create a remarkable presence!  You deserve to be perceived as a competent and credible leader because of the effect your colors have on you and others.  Introducing new hues can add more value to your appearance and your attitude.

Color is subjective, so pay attention to the response you receive when you wear these colors:

  • CHARCOAL GRAY – strength of character, authoritative, refined
  • PLUM – regal, diplomatic, sophisticated
  • TEAL – inventive, soothing, balancing
  • BURGUNDY/MAROON – classic elegant, formal, refined
  • INDIGO (DARK BLUE/VIOLET) – creative, unusual, artistic, intuitive

Looking for some creative ways to find new “power” colors?  Consider these suggestions:

1.  Home decorating magazines are a great way to discover new hues. The exquisitely photographed rooms usually have great color schemes. Sometimes they revolve around one hue, but then they’ll add accent colors that make everything look fabulous. Rip out the pages that inspire you and create a file or a style book.

2.  Paint palettes found at Home Depot, Lowe’s or Benjamin Moore are available for free. These companies create brochures with color collections in mind. Next time you are in these stores, walk in expecting to walk out with some new ideas that will have you more excited about looking for these colors in clothes.

3. Fabric stores are a great source of color.  If you look on the bolt, you will find the dye lot that gives all of the colors found on the print.  This is a great cheat sheet because you can see how the color looks in a large print. Someone was paid a lot of money to design these color combinations! Why not capitalize on their terrific efforts and consider wearing some of these colors in a new outfit.

Feeling better about color? Hopefully, your creative juices are flowing and you feel more confident about using color in your wardrobe.  Remember color inspires and invigorates you to appear powerful so that you are perceived as an expert in your field, creating a ‘top of the mind’ leadership presence.  So, now go and create a more compelling colorful expression!