“The person who gets the farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare. The sure-thing boat never gets far from shore.”  Dale Carnegie

When I look at the personal stories of some of our nation’s most inspiring female leaders, I see that most of them had to work hard to achieve what today looks like wild success:

  • Joyce Meyer, a Christian author, speaker and minister with programming aired in nearly 40 countries, was a thirty-something divorcee with a rocky past when she accepted the call to ministry.
  • Susan L. Taylor, former editor-in-chief of Essence magazine and the leader most credited with the publication’s enormous success, spent her twenties as a struggling single mother in what she herself calls “personal and financial crisis”.
  • For another, even more familiar example, you would have to live under a rock to not be aware of the many devastations and injustices that Oprah Winfrey survived on her rise to greatness in spite of the perceived barriers.

What separates these wildly successful leaders from the rest of us? My experience as a Leadership Presence Expert tells me that a key explanation is each woman’s ability to identify and infuse an authentic leadership presence in the moment.  They are able to project a polished, professional and poised image that stays consistent from one situation to the next, serving as a foundation for the trust and credibility they build with their employees, business partners, employers and most importantly, with the general public. A successful leader is capable of completely being in the moment to create and communicate greatness.

Unleash yourself today to be wildly successful by following five simple but profound initial steps:

1.  Take control of first impressions: Dale Carnegie said it best, “The expression that one wears on one’s face is far more important that the clothes one wears on one’s back.”  Successful people know that the need to be well perceived by others matters.  A smile is a great place to start.

2.  Develop a clear purpose and mission statement: Nothing increases your odds of success like quantifying your goals and vision in a clear, measurable form centered on a clear, well defined purpose.

3.  Build a personal brand: Assess and understand your competitive strengths, passions and purpose. Allow them to authentically match from the inside-out. Your brand is your best authentic self with a remarkable message in motion to share with the rest of the world.  Your presence, the way you show up and “own” your space, will help or hinder your ability to deliver your message well.

4.  Recognize success or beauty snatchers: Not everyone is supportive of the beauty of your success as a leader.  It is a full on battle, whether it is real or perceived.  However, once it penetrates and punctures your heart and goes to your mind, it is sure to impede your success if not recognized and properly resolved. Caution: Limiting Beliefs will stop you from being wildly successful.

5.  Develop a community of raving fans:  Learn how to make great connections that lead to healthy friendships with people who are willing to share the value you offer with others on your behalf.  As a result of your presence in their lives, they have come to know, like and trust you and be an advocate for your success.

If you have experience with any of these empowering actions, please let me hear about them this week. I hope you agree – they can separate a mild success from a wild one! Show up! Own your space! The world is in need of more wildly successful leaders.