As a crafter who loves floral arrangements, wearing the color of eucalyptus has never been appealing to me, until very recently.  Eucalyptus, a practical muted grayish tone with a hint of sage, has become the new wardrobe counterpart to basic black.  This yummy color looks great on almost everyone and is so amazingly versatile.  It can be pared with Aurora yellow, coral, green, blue, black, white, hot or pale pink, tomato puree(red), burgundy,  orange, violet, and purple just to name a few options.

Gray, a basic neutral, symbolizes neutrality and balance; it seldom arouses strong emotions or reactions.  Yet, it can be seen as temperamental or moody similar somewhat to the gray clouds in the sky.  Although it carries an air of sophistication like black, it does not feel as formal.  It was interesting to learn that the Native Americans viewed the color as a symbol of friendship

Speaking of which, today, as a matter of fact, I rocked eucalyptus (gray) and Aurora (yellow) in an outfit that I wore to a party.  Let’s just say that I loved the look and the energy I projected!!!   Although gray is a neutral color that can cause you to blend in and sometimes  appear invisible or disconnected but pared with a brighter color like Aurora(yellow) I had  the energy to connect with clarity and balance emotionally even though my feet were tired from standing so long!

The combination was so fun and invigorating and gave me lots of energy and the ability to make new friends.  It also helped to have some great accessories in yellow and gray with splashes of brown to pull it all together.

So, the next time you are looking for a way to create a mood of neutrality but efficiency wear gray.  However, a word of suggestion, when wearing lots of gray add splashes of other vibrant colors to avoid appearing invisible, dull, detached and a lacking in imagination. Always remember…….Try it on…….See if it fits!

If you want to know how to incorporate this color into your wardrobe so that it is perfect for your skin, hair, and eyes, contact:  cynthia@cynthiawhiteandassociates.com.    As a Certified Image Consultant, I can provide you with a personal color analysis to identify your best colors and provide you with a palette of 40 rich colors based on hue(the color name), value(lightness or darkness of the color), and chroma(the strength, intensity, brightness or purity of the color.  Be beautiful!