Have you ever watched what happens the moment an actor or actress takes the stage and stands in the spotlight? It seems everything comes to a halt with all eyes eagerly watching their next move.

Or what happens during the Olympics when athletes like Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps and Simone Biles get in position and effortlessly nail their event, capturing gold?

These people have leadership presence. It is the ability to show up fully engaged in the moment, and allow the best of who you are to take center stage. In turn, you create a transformational and magnetic experience for those you lead.

I don’t believe that the ability to create a magnetic presence is only given to a select group of people. Everyone has access to it. It’s a courageous choice that requires the willingness to reflect a magnetic leadership brand that showcases such leadership traits. It’s a matter of choosing to leverage your influence by shaping your own leadership presence and brand with consistency and intention.

Here are four steps to help you create a powerful presence in your leadership brand and business:

1. Understand the Power of Your Reputation.
You are branded, like it or not! In the words of Jeff Bezos, “Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.” Your reputation is everything. If you want to be successful, you must be aware of your own reputation and choose to own it.

Treasure your leadership brand identity and decide for yourself how you want to be seen, known and remembered. As Socrates reminds us “Regard your good name as the richest jewel you can possibly be possessed of.” The way to gain a good reputation is to decide how you want to be perceived.

Gain the trust of others by having the right attitude and being open to feedback. Being open will allow you to close the gap between yourself and the perceptions of others.

2. Never Lose Sight of Your Purpose.
Don’t just share space, but choose to own it with a clear purpose! This doesn’t mean being obnoxious, but rather it is the highest expression of value that you can place on human life. You must not only show up knowing what to do but why you are doing it. Keystone Leaders are The Complete Leaders because they realize their purpose is to make life better by adding value into the lives of others.

Center your life around a compelling why that is focused on solving the problems of others. Each day intentionally look for ways to fulfill the needs of others, and make it a goal to accomplish a specific task that makes a lasting contribution.

3. Recognize and Leverage Your Unique Promise of Value
You must show up knowing what you are worth and that others are willing to pay you accordingly for your skills. Refuse to be underpaid and undervalued. Avoid discounting your services! Learn the benefits that you provide and what distinctly and uniquely sets you apart from the crowd. Rise up! Recognize your unique promise of value, own your platform and leverage the credibility that makes you worth being compensated appropriately.

People tend to make emotional connections because of the value that you add to their lives. So take the time to figure out what differentiates you from others in your business space. Find ways to communicate this value in your marketing messages, social media and in your conversations with clients, prospects and other stakeholders.

4. Polish Up Your Etiquette.
Civility is king! Good manners and appropriate social behavior speak volumes about your leadership presence and brand. Proper etiquette shows that you respect yourself and those around you. Where can you polish up your etiquette? Consider things such as your dining skills, email communication and cell phone use in public places. Small gestures such as saying please and a sincere thank you will help you create a positive leadership presence.

Conducting business over meals is a great way to build business relationships. Meals make for a more casual atmosphere and are more conducive to a relaxed conversation, compared to meetings in offices.

Certain factors that influence how you show up – your personality, your physical appearance, how you speak, how you interact with others, and how you make people feel. Remember that you have the ability to impact the world with your leadership presence. And your community needs your influence and impact to be memorable and transformational. Rise up and take the steps to create your leadership brand with intention! You are The Complete Leader ready to lead well and make a lasting mark in life and business!

Now I would love to hear from you. Have you ever witnessed that leader who shows up with a magnetic leadership presence? What was it that made their presence so powerful and memorable? Let me know in the comments below!