Recently, while in my daughter’s room, I smiled when I happened to look up at the ceiling and at the sign written and posted by her at the age of 11.  In colorful letters it read, “I Will Be the Greatest!”  I am pleased to say that today at 17, she is a high school senior and honor student, employed, with excellent leadership and communication skills and a desire to one day become a Lawyer.  She is continuing to take steps to aspire towards greatness motivated with a purpose.

Likewise, it was years ago, when my children were babies that I decided that I wanted to live a life that was above average, one of excellence.  Therefore, when I came across a book, currently out of print called, “It Takes So Little to Be Above Average” by Florence Littauer, my heart rejoiced.

You see, when it comes to inside/out beauty, as leaders, who are “leading ladies,” excellence cannot be an option.  If it is going to be authentic and transformational, there are some principles to keep in mind.  Join me on a journey, mastermind, campaign, crusade or whatever you need to call it, to a road less traveled: The journey to greatness throughliving a life of excellence.

Start off first by taking a brief personal assessment to gauge where you are:

  • In what areas are you showing up as excellent in your life?
  • What is the one thing that you believe you were put here on earth to do?
  • What challenges do you face that seem to be getting in the way of your ability creating a life of excellence?

Record your responses in a journal so that you can keep track of the progress you are making when it comes to creating the lifestyle of excellence that you deserve. Lastly, feel free to share your comments or questions.  Why not send the link to a friend and invite her to join us on this journey!

Until next time…… Be Beautiful!