My son’s high school biology class is discussing the scientific method and the definition of scientific truth.  By definition, truth is based on observation and it can be tested.  However, some things such as love, faith, honesty, compassion etc. is consider to be either right or wrong without need for experimentation.  Also, certain spiritual truths are considered to be true no matter what.  This caused me to think deeper about beauty, especially its definition.

Beauty, by definition is a quality that gives pleasure to the senses, brilliant, of excellent quality, particularly graceful, or loveliness. Unfortunately, we are constantly bombarded by messages that distort this definition and its perception.  These messages, oftentimes, are lies with no real bases, yet they impede our ability to reflect true beauty.  These lies can have an adverse affect.  Here are some examples:

I’m not worth the effort

I have too many problems

My outer beauty is more important my inner beauty

I can’t afford to do anything different to improve myself

These negative and destructive messages have stifled us long enough!  It is time for us as women to make the choice to empower our lives by redefining and redesigning our own beauty, first by changing our mindset.

For this reason, each Monday, I will entitle, “Inspirational Mondays”  to inspire us with quotes, music, poetry to set the tone for the upcoming week so that we can create a sensational life of style from the inside out that brings beauty into being that powerfully transforms!  Here’s a picture of true beauty redefined:

True beauty is in the way she laughs
True beauty is in her eyes
True beauty is how she acts
True beauty is inside
True beauty is unseen
True beauty is only felt
True beauty is not mean
True beauty is herself
True beauty can’t be cruel
True beauty is bare
True beauty within you
True beauty is always there
True Beauty can’t be covered with makeup
True beauty means true love
True beauty can’t be baked up
True beauty is the flight of a dove
True beauty has no flaws
For True beauty is all that matters after all

Jean Pullman

Ladies, let’s aspire to reflect true beauty inside out that is lived with great style!!  Then and only then can we bring beauty into being.  Next week, I will share about ways beauty can be tested.  Be Beautiful!