We all love a great story! When I was a kid and my dad’s younger brother, Andrew would come to visit, we loved his stories. Uncle Andrew was in the Marines and would tell great stories about his childhood, travels and military experience. Although we didn’t know him all that well because he was often traveling with the military, his heartwarming stories told with much personality, connected and endeared us to him. What was in it for us? As his captive audience, we gained time and wisdom with our beloved and relatable uncle.

Great companies use their brand story to build connection and alignment with their customers and their connected communities at large. Brand stories connect with the heart in a way that is unique and relevant and inspires people to action. This allows these brands to stand out above the competition and create value that is memorable and magnetic.

Definition of Brand Story

A brand story gives voice to your message in a way that is credible. Your brand story is a message that authenticates your beliefs and perceived promise of value by transferring knowledge and information that inspires others to overcome their own setbacks, obstacles, and challenges, in order to find the courage to fulfill their ultimate purpose in life. Essentially, it is the backstory that when shared, gives your audience hope and perspective.

As the complete leader in business, we must be prepared to share our brand story. This act of vulnerability requires transparency about your own trials and tribulations, which allows others to connect with you in a more authentic way. Your story often contains answers to the questions about who you are, your experiences and background, what matters to you, why you created your business and what qualifies you to serve and support your community. It helps to solidify your relationship because people can often see themselves in your stories. This will not only enhance your influence and impact but ultimately it can increase your income potential by attracting more of your ideal customers.

Defining Your Story Takes Time

Defining your story takes time and it requires insightful soul searching and refreshing honesty. It’s a culmination of your life, from the good times to the bad, from the past to the present, always with your bright future in mind. It’s much like putting pieces of a puzzle together. These pieces of your story contain the essence of your brand statement and elevator pitch which gives testimony to your expertise. Your ultimate goal is to leverage your greatest inspiration, failures, and tragedies in a compelling and relatable way.

Are you ready to hone your authentic story? Although you have lived through your own experiences, it’s important to take some time to sift through and make sense of your life happenings. Become aware not only of your passions, mission, strengths and weaknesses, unique talents, and core values, but also your setbacks and obstacles. Your story is made up of all the memorable experiences that have lead to your business venture.

To get started, take a personal inventory using these key principles to building a relatable STORY:

S – Setbacks, obstacles or pain points that you have experienced and overcome in your life – personally and professionally.

T – Themes or turning points that connect your past with your present and prepare you for a bigger future.

O – Opportunities for growth that lead to a life-changing solution for yourself and others, and that adds a unique promise of value.

R – Resolution that brings satisfaction and fulfillment in a way that is relevant and relatable.

Y – Your Unique promise of value, delivered through your product or service.

Take your time to think through your responses to each of these. You may want to set aside a few days to work through this exercise. Each day, grab a cup of tea and record your thoughts in a journal. Outline your story as it relates to your business. Remember, you are the hero who overcame your own personal conflicts using your special tools, techniques, and wisdom. With your guidance and through the use of your products and services, you can influence others to become the hero in their own stories, and live their best Remarkable life.

As the Complete leader and CEO of Remarkable BrandU, your goal is to maintain relevance to your connected community. Connect the pieces of your life, craft your story and build a clear brand that is worth the remark. Once your story is coherent, use it to engage your connected community by infusing it in all of your messaging — from your website, to your customer service, to your social media and collateral material. The more you tell and integrate it into your life and business, the more your influence and impact will grow.

Here’s my wish for you: May you never forget that your story matters! Make your mark by crafting and sharing a story that captivates your audience in a relatable way, that endures others to you.

And, do me a favor, will you?! Once you’ve gone through this exercise, please share it with me! I love to hear from you. Reach using the “Let’s Talk” box on the bottom right-hand side of this page or by email at cynthia@cynthiawhiteandassociates.com.