personal style coachIt was actually about 22 years ago when I first heard title, “Image Consultant.”  At that time, I was asked to organize a conference for women on a college campus in Washington, DC.   Since the theme dealt with beauty, I decided to invite an Image Consultant/Style Coach to come and present a workshop.  It was life changing!  Not only did the information impact the lives of the women, but me, personally.

It was there that I embarked upon a journey of identifying my style and refining it through utilizing effective strategies.  I have come to realize that every woman could benefit from having a Personal Style Coach to help them reflect and represent themselves correctly through their wardrobe.

Yves Saint Laurent said, “Fashion fades but style is eternal.”  Style is here to stay.  It is forever.  Too often beautiful women downplay their personal style because they are either too busy to refine it or lack the confidence, tools or resources  to reflect  it believing that it is reserved for special people like models, entertainers or the rich and famous.

Personally, I believe that style can be compared to a finger print.  Everyone has one but each print is unique, different and specific.  Simply stated, by definition, it is what you bring to the table or the manner by which an individual does things.   In order to reflect and represent the individual it must be clearly defined and refined in order to empower the individual to stand out in the crowd and get noticed.

A Personal Style Coach knows style is a gift that should not be concealed.  For this reason, they have the expertise to guide the client in discovering and reflecting their personal signature style which is refreshing, liberating and inspiring.   The coach insures that the strengths, identity, values, and beliefs about themselves and others are reflected in their personal style.

When it comes to creating a life of success, personally and professionally, entrust the cultivation and management of your personal style into the hands of a trained capable expert.   The coach will equip you with strategies to implement so that you are evaluated, as a confident, competent and successful individual.

Their primary role is to provide knowledge concerning the most enhancing colors for your skin, hair and eyes, most flattering clothes tailored fit for your specific body type, discovering  your best assets,  face shape, hair style, eyeglasses, wardrobe basics and tips, closet organization, personal shopping  provide time and money saving tips to minimize their flaws.

Oftentimes the coach will provide additional information as well as collaborative partnerships with other businesses to insure that the client is successful in creating the style that they desire.  Like any other coach, they are dream makers who alongside of you, listen to your dreams and create ways to make them a reality.

The world is waiting for the real and bests you to be reflected!  This does not have to be DIY project when you can hire Personal Style Coach to help you reveal the true you.