Who says presentation skills don’t matter? The other night, I transformed a simple meal from Trader Joe’s into a pleasing feast. All it took was the application of a few extra spices and herbs to add some sizzle, a bit of precise plating so that it was visually pleasing, and placement on a carefully set, intimate table for two. Bon Appétit!  An ordinary meal became an extraordinary treat that won compliments from my husband and had him begging for seconds.

When we strategically manage our personal presentation skills, we can create a compelling presence that not only makes a dynamic first impression but leaves people wanting more of the leadership skills we have to offer.  With a few simple tweaks, you can achieve this by adding the right sizzle and flavor – as long as it’s tied to an authentic personal style built on your life’s purposes and on social skills that foster genuine civility in your relationships.

As the owner of the image that you present to the world, realize that the impressions you make on others start and end with you.  Here are some simple ways to increase your personal presentation skills, so that your leadership presence moves from the ordinary to the extraordinary Y-O-U!

1.  Poise – Your presence should communicate quiet confidence and excellence. Poise is more about how you carry yourself than about how you look.

2.  Polish Make sure that you are well groomed.  Look for confidence enhancers when selecting hairstyle, makeup and clothing style and coloring. Look your best.

3.  Personality – Have an understanding of your true personality and essence, so that you can authentically reflect it in your demeanor, wardrobe and behavior toward others.

4.  Posture – When interacting with customers, employees or clients, remember that body language is always working for you or against you. Make sure it matches your desired impression.

5.  Promote – Treat each interaction, especially first impressions, as an opportunity to provide a 30-second non-verbal and verbal commercial for yourself that makes an impact.

Put these to work today, and start presenting the best Y-O-U!