Well, spring is upon us, meaning that one of my favorite times of the year is here. As the weather warms and the opportunity to indulge in outdoor activities multiplies, I find that spring is the perfect time of the year to refresh, renew and refocus my life and my priorities. It’s really one of the most natural times of year to revive your presence by choosing to show up in a more refreshing way.

In order to get going on a “spring cleaning” project where your style is concerned, consider taking a few risks by incorporating some of the following trends. A well-selected wardrobe will have many durable pieces that last year after year, but change is constant, so be open to ways to add to and spruce up your look!

The challenge sometimes with age is to push the default button and resist creativity because of a lack of confidence or time. I believe that it is possible to create an age appropriate, authentic style that is effortless.  For those of us over 50, it is good to see the styles of the 70s making a huge return this spring.

1.   Think sunny! Bright, bold citrus, coral, electra, dark and cobalt blue colors are HOT this spring. You can also pair the pale shades with the bright. To create more interest, try balancing the colors by combining them in groups of threes. Find the best for you and wear them close to your face. Try buying a top in electra or cobalt blue and a print scarf in a bold and bright citrus color!

2.   The military look was such a big hit for the fall that it is making an appearance for the spring too.  Why not try a military inspired vest to your wardrobe.  Remember to make sure that the lapel is rounded if you have a contoured face and pointed if you have an angled shaped face.

3. Flared, high waist and boot cut jeans are great, especially if you have a pear shaped body.  This would be a great assemble with the bow blouse or nautical striped blouse.  With the right blouse and fabric like silk, organza or sheer your look will not just be pulled together but crowd stopping.

4. Dresses and skirts that are flowing and lace or crochet fabric will drape your body.  The key is to find the best shape to flatter your silhouette. Add some spice – tribal, safari and animal print.  Just have fun!

5. Shoes – the espadrilles and wedge heels are stepping it up this spring!  Choose a style or color and make it your signature. I am keeping my eyes peeled for an animal print pair!  Also kitten heels will look “purr-fect” with a pair shorts or slacks.

Carry yourself in a way that lives up to the promise of your new look!  When you show up in a more refreshing way by adding something new to your personal style, those around you will be revived by your presence!  Tell me about – or even better show me some of your best looks and combinations this spring.