Last week, I shared some style savvy tips to help you create and protect your visual brand. The goal is to inspire you to start with the clothes you already have in closet, make a statement, and save. If you are ready for the challenge to brand your style, put yourself on a shopping fast for a specific amount of time. Shopping for things “out there” can be so tempting. But, if you keep adding things to your closet without using what you already have, you’ll not be any further ahead.

Here’s a suggestion, for every new thing you buy, let something go. Give yourself a monthly challenge to make new outfits from what you already own.

Let’s finish laying the foundation for the challenge:

1.  Be On Guard – Protect What You’ve Got

Take a weekend to protect the things you own, wear, and love. Buy shoetrees to protect your shoes from looking more worn than they need to. Purchase lotions or sprays that will protect your suede and leather shoes or handbags and follow the care instructions. Cedar blocks are great to slip into storage bins that hold your wool items. Stores with a closet section, such as The Container Store, provide ways to protect your clothes from moths. Take time to remove items from the floor of your closet and clean it thoroughly. Take a feather duster and get any webs out of the corners of your closet. What stays protected will stay with you much longer.  Keeping clothes in plastic bags too long can trap in unwanted smells and cause fibers to break down over time. Therefore, find a bag made of breathable material.

2.  Study Labels

If you buy items that require dry cleaning, you are going to continue to spend money on their upkeep. If you don’t want that extra expense, make a point of studying the labels sewn inside the clothes. You’ll learn what the fiber content and care instructions are. If an item requires hand washing, are you someone who will follow through and do that? An item may end up at the bottom of your dirty clothes hamper and not be worn again! That’s not a good investment. Some fibers will wear a lot better than others. Sea Island cotton or Pima cotton are high quality and will be identified in the label. You may pay more for items using those fibers but they’ll last much longer.

3.  Be Cautious About Fashion Trends

If you can’t hold out, beware of shopping for quick fixes! Stores like H&M and Forever21 are great sources for fast (inexpensive) fashion and trends. Looks that are popular on the runway are copied for stores famous for their low price points. You might pick up a lookalike item for a fraction of the cost. This can be great – unless it’s an addictive pastime. When fashion is inexpensive it can become a habit and before you realize it, those $15 to $25 items start adding up. You may have a closet full of clothes that you haven’t invested a lot of money in. If they only last one season, are you okay with that? It’s too easy to purchase fast fashion without thinking it through.

Caution: stop this habit now!

Are you ready to change your habits and create new style cents and save? Begin today to create a style that is remarkable: worthy of the remark! Stay tuned for more tips!

I would love to hear from you. What are some of your style secrets?  So that we can step up our game as women, share the love by liking us on our Facebook page and share these tips with your friends.