When it comes to leadership in our personal and professional lives, you and I can learn some great lessons from the animal kingdom.  Have you ever stopped to think about the birds of the air and the way they fly confidently and effortlessly? Truly fascinating! Yet, I am most amazed by the majestic, compelling presence of the eagle. When you stop and take notice of its solid stance, it is clear to see why it was chosen as our national symbol.

Did you know:

  • Their wingspan is up to 6-8 feet, although they are typically about 34-43 inches in height
  • They can fly at an altitude of 10,000 feet  at speeds of 150 mph (efficient)
  • They have 7,000 feathers (properly attired)
  • They sit on top of the food chain (a natural leader)
  • They can lift about 4 pounds (no task too overwhelming)
  • They have excellent eyesight (clear vision)
  • They are fierce hunters in the family of hawks, vultures

Needless to say, as a business and professional women, you too oftentimes feel like you sit at the top of the food chain as you juggle a multitude of responsibilities at home and work. You are a natural leader. Therefore in the busy-ness of life, it is critical that you come up with a game plan for success. In my experience, it is a fact that when you learn to manage your presence you can mount up on wings as an eagle and soar – straight to the top, fully maximizing your potential.

If you are a leader in your organization because of your strengths, talents, abilities you are expected to soar. Like every good leader, you too want to influence those around you to greatness. Life happens. Unfortunately, it can get in the way and challenge your ability to reflect the best image of Y-O-U.

The key is to learn to step fully into the moment, present the best you from the inside-out, own your space and lead in a remarkable way that transforms those around you. As the expert, here is some expert advice to help you to soar:

1.  Be aware of your dress – Let’s face it, you may not have 7,000 outfits (feathers). However, in order to manage your presence, be aware of your appearance at all times.  You must make dressing for success a lifestyle. Use your clothes to sell yourself. Buy quality vs. quantity always considering what creates the best impression of who you are and what you do best.

2.  Be aware of your attitude – When it comes to working effectively with those around you, it will affect your altitude. Like an eagle, be willing to take the higher ground. Learn to be poised, gracious and compassionate to all whom you meet and lead. When it comes to personal impression management, it matters the way you treat others. Learn to communicate effectively and clearly.  Also, beware of your body language at all times. By avoiding fierce conversations, you will be successful when understanding, respect and harmony are your goals.

3.  Be Resilient – Problems and struggles are a part of leadership. However, learn to soar above the criticisms, conflicts, character assassinations and tough economic times.  Hold your head up high, maintain a solid stance, smile and push through it. Be known in the office, organization or company as the leader who is high soaring and courageous.

4.  Be Efficient and Effective – Be known as the leader who does the heavy lifting and gets the job done.  Time management is essential in order to be a good steward of your time and resources. Be honest and tenacious about removing the barriers that are rendering you inefficient and ineffective. The world needs you to show up powerfully and give away your God-given gifts and abilities to create more success for others.

5.  Be Resourceful – Like an eagle, be a hunter. Maintain a posture of being a lifelong learner by being committed to personal development. Go after the opportunities for advancement in life. Create success by taking the initiative, own your space and make something happen. Avoid letting life happen.  Unlike the eagle, you don’t have to be the type of opportunist that steals the prey from others.  Successful leaders refuse to steal and damage others in the process of creating their success.  For example, in networking events, be strategic but courteous when meeting others and make introductions while entering group conversations.

6.  Be Focused – Have an “eagle” eye focus of your life and dreams. Maintain a sharp and clear view by knowing your vision and purpose while keeping it before you as you lead. Also, be willing to see your obstacles and roadblocks that could potentially weigh you down as a leader.

Lastly, remember, the bald eagle is not truly bald.  Rather, its crown is white so that in the sunlight it stands out by the way in which it shines. Like the eagle, lead in such a way that everyone around you knows that you are the leader by the way in which your remarkable presence allows you to shine while soaring to the top!