Recently, Princess Kate’s sister, Pippa, made the cover of People magazine. Why? Frankly, because this knockout’s look was so stunning that she nearly stole the show from her royal sister.  Don’t we all dream of being a “show-stopper,” that person whose presence commands everyone in a room to take notice?

With summer approaching – and the graduations, weddings and various reunions that come with it – there’s no better time to get serious about identifying clothing that best projects the presence you want to share with the world. Whether you want to stop traffic or just be pleasing to the eye, you need a plan.

Survey everything in your closet and match it to the perception you want to create.  Here’s a tip that will help – document 3 fitting adjectives that describe the look you have in mind.

Here are some essential pieces that will give you a strong base from which to create a stunning and show-stopping look:

  • 2-3 neutral  colored dresses to best suit your overall coloring
  • 1-2 sun dresses (find a “to die for” maxi length)
  • Basic white or off white shirt
  • 2-3 pairs of linen, cotton or rayon shorts
  • 2-3 pairs of pants
  • 1 pair of capris – if appropriate for your body type
  • 6 tops (solids and prints; scale and proportion is key) including a v-neck
  • 3-4 camis
  • 1-2 formal dresses in colors that make your hair and eyes sparkle and shine
  • 1 pair flat sandals
  • 2-3 pair sandals with heels
  • 1-2 pair(s) peep-toed shoes (sling backs are a perfect choice)
  • Summer tote or purse
  • A swimsuit in skin-intensifying colors
  • Denim jacket for cooler evenings
  • A bolero type jacket

Challenge: Make a decision to choose your clothes purposefully, allowing you to reflect the right message.

Style Assignment: Shop in your own closet first!  Begin with your closet by using this summer checklist to identify the items that you already own.  Make sure they fit well and that you love them!! Next, in the upcoming weeks, go shopping and purchase at least 2-3 items to fill in the gaps.

To quote James Laver, remember that “Clothes are never a frivolity; they always mean something.”  A show-stopping presence is within your reach; choose with care and go knock ‘em dead!