Woody Allen once said that 80% of success is about simply showing up. What he forgot to mention, though, was that success means that you show up well. And showing up well – looking your best, sounding your best, and showcasing your best – takes a lot of work.

A successful leadership presence is a key aspect of showing up effectively in the lives of those with whom we interact. In order to make positive first impressions that you reinforce with each subsequent interaction, you need to learn how to package and present yourself as the successful leader that you are. There is no better way to make the most of your God-given potential and use it to the fullest to bring greatness into others’ lives.

When you know how to do this, you will have a leadership presence that transcends a “bad day” or a professional setback. The strength of your presence, and the reputation it can help you establish, will allow you to shine regardless of the circumstance.

Take the following 5 principles to heart as you continue on your journey toward a successful leadership presence:

1.  Strive for Authenticity – Be uniquely YOU. It takes too much work to be someone else. Make it a goal to allow your inside to match your outside and be consistent.

2.  Make an Impact – Don’t just show up for the sake of appearance or to be different. Show up to make a difference so that your presence is not just known, but experienced because of the greatness it creates. Make it a commitment to leave the environment better than you found it.

3.  Cultivate Self-Awareness – Take the time to get to know yourself and the ‘why’ behind your behavior, and watch your confidence and compassion towards others grow. Know what inspires, influences and invigorates you so that your presence will make a lasting impact.

4.  Dress to Impress – Dress deliberately with an eye on the impression you want to create. Match your look and clothing choices to your desired image – for instance, a progressive, innovative person would probably not wear fashions that were outdated a decade ago.

5.  Manage Impressions – from beginning to ending. First impressions are key, but the closing impression will be what most people remember about you.

For this reason I am convinced that showing up can lead to success, but only if you put enough effort into the necessary strategies and solutions to help you grow personally and professionally. So, where are you in the journey?