Not only is color a great way to build confidence but it has some wonderful healing benefits and an amazing ability to promote balance to your body.  It is powerful too because it can lift your spirit and motivate and inspire you to project the best you.

So on days when you need to add some sparkle or brighten things up in your life and your funds are too low to take that sunny island vacation, wear a little sun shine instead.   How?  By wearing Aurora , a slightly greenish yellow, our next Pantone color of Spring 2010 which is a relatively inexpensive way to bring out the sun through your wardrobe.

This hue is great because  yellow is known to add mental clarity and  it is said to rule the mind, stimulates the brain intellectually, brings harmony and self love to your life.  Please visit the Pantone web site to see this and other Pantone colors for 2010!

It coordinates well with indigo blue, turquoise, white, eucalyptus(grayish), chocolate,  green, tangerine, pink raspberry, fusion coral,  tomato puree.  You can wear this color in a garment, piece of jewelry, shoes, purse, hair accessories, and nail polish etc. Here’s a great link that shows the color and gives some great  suggestions wardrobe pieces in Aurora: https://dedicated.typepad.com/dedicated_follower_of_fas/2010/01/pantone-fashion-colour-report-spring-2010-aurora.html

So that next time you feel a little sluggish physically or drained mentally add a little Aurora to your personal style and let the sun shine!  So, go ahead, try it on……….see if it fits!

Beautiful Thought for the Week:

Beauty without virtue is a flower without perfume.
– Unknown – French Proverb

If you want to know how to incorporate this color into your wardrobe so that it is perfect for your skin, hair, and eyes, contact:  cynthia@cynthiawhiteandassociates.com.    As a Certified Image Consultant, I can provide you with a personal color analysis to identify your best colors and provide you with a palette of 40 rich colors based on hue(the color name), value(lightness or darkness of the color), and chroma(the strength, intensity, brightness or purity of the color).