Roll call!  Do those words take you back to the days your teacher called your name, forcing you to confirm that you were present and accounted for? Were your teachers like mine, expecting you to do more than take up a seat and actually contribute to each class discussion?  As a Leadership Presence Coach, I want my clients to do the same thing – to show up every day with a presence that not only receives but gives.

Every situation you face gives you the opportunity to make your presence known by presenting your very best.  When you present a polished, poised and professional face to the world and avoid the temptation to shrink back or blend in, you make a stronger impression and have more productive interactions with others.  How can you start developing this type of impactful presence? I point my clients towards three simple initial steps:

1)     Understand what your presence communicates.  Recognize and embrace your strengths and build a life plan (a great book for help with this is Strengths Finder). Develop clear cut, optimistic objectives about what changes you need to make.

2)     Recognize and shape others’ perceptions. What do you want others to perceive about you and your abilities, talents and character?  Develop a plan of action – including necessary behavior modifications and social graces – designed to grab their attention and hold their interest.

3)     Communicate authentically. Your goal is to have a presence that “rings true” to who you really are.  Resist the temptations of hidden agendas – they only lead to mixed signals that harm your credibility.  Find 3 words that best reflect genuine qualities you want to communicate (for example, “I want to show that I am a connector of good people and good ideas”) and set clear objectives about how you want to convey them to others.

In the classroom of life, the power of your presence can be a game-changer. Enhance it today so your potential doesn’t go to waste!