The vast majority of American women do not feel good about their appearance, and I know how that feels. Growing up, I never really saw myself as beautiful. On top of that, I couldn’t even enjoy compliments about nice outfits or my hair; my insecurities robbed me of any confidence about my appearance.

Over the years, I have learned how to appreciate not only my beauty, but how to confidently project a compelling, professional leadership presence. To even get out of the starting blocks, though, I first had to work on my inside – clearing away the doubts, insecurities and old wounds that made me doubt my ability to develop an attractive style and project the image I most wished to share with the world.

One thing that made the process of leadership presence development more positive and empowering was the realization that it should be part of a personal brand-building process. Each leader possesses the power that comes from within to be great. In order to develop a dynamic leadership presence, you need a clear understanding of yourself – your history, values, personality, strengths and weaknesses – and how you want to appear to and impact others.

Use the following acrostic to build an effective personal brand through your image that activates true leadership presence:

B – Best: Your brand should reflect you at your best. So, look for ways to best reflect that in your wardrobe and mannerisms.

RRepetition: Look for themes that repeat themselves in your life. Express through your personal or signature style.

AAuthentic: Make it about characteristics and values that are true to who you are or who you are evolving into. Be the ambassador of YOU!

N Niche: Reflect your uniqueness in a way that’s identifiable to the specific niche (of society, of the marketplace, of the community) that you want to serve. Allow it to stand out in such a way that your perceived value is increased.

D – Deliver: Effectively brand yourself by promoting, packaging and positioning yourself so that clients know exactly what you can deliver to them.  Deliver on all promises. Remember when you fall short on delivering in a timely or professional manner, do what it takes to assume responsibility, offer a sincere apology and make it right!  Your brand is worth it.

You deserve to lead with greatness. Overcome the past and develop the authentic presence that reflects you at your best. Start building your personal brand today!