How about bringing a little calm, tranquility and relaxation to your personal style?  This is a great time to incorporate a pretty pastel color into your wardrobe that will make bold statement while adding a touch of romance and femininity.  Why not try our next color for the spring: Violet, a soft and light purplish hue (color)?  This shade though soft and light can carry a big punch because it can stand alone or be mixed with other colors such as: Fusion Coral, fuchsia, gray, Aurora (yellow), sky blue and pistachio green (light)and Magenta.  This uplifting color is sure likely to lighten your heart and spirit.  So, go ahead, try it on……….see if it fits!

Beautiful Thoughts for the Week:

For what are you thirsty? Search your soul, and then open it to the Lord’s living water poured out to slake your thirst. What do you long to see happen in your children’s lives? Know that God cares about that too. Let his promises of goodness, of abundance for both you and your children, wash over you and flush away your fear. “Do not be afraid … ” for the God who made you and chose you will also help you and richly bless you. Hear once again the heart of the Lord for you and your children.

—Diane Eble, author of Abundant Gifts: A Daybook of Grace-Filled Devotions

If you want to know how to incorporate this color into your wardrobe so that it is perfect for your skin, hair, and eyes, contact:  cynthia@cynthiawhiteandassociates.com.    As a Certified Image Consultant, I can provide you with a personal color analysis to identify your best colors and provide you with a palette of 40 rich colors based on hue(the color name), value(lightness or darkness of the color), and chroma(the strength, intensity, brightness or purity of the color).