I am passionate about encouraging my clients to surround themselves with clothing, accessories and things that enhance their appearance in a way that best expresses who they are authentically, from the inside-out. This principle must begin with our closets. Just as we seek to bring our inner lives into proper alignment with the outer image we wish to project, our closets should line up with our most attractive physical qualities and our authentic character.

Studies show that most women wear only 25% of the clothes in their closet. What a waste! Our closets should consist only of clothing that is there because we selected it and have recently reaffirmed its worth. Personally, I have chosen not to allow anything in my closet that does a poor job of showcasing or makes me feel less attractive.

Here are some tips that have worked for me and countless clients. You too can properly align your closet so that it starts saying the right things about you:

1. Don’t try to attack everything at once – You’ll only get overwhelmed. Start by evaluating only the current season’s clothing.
2. Keep a style journal – Record your preferences for the season’s latest trends. Find pictures in your favorite magazine to help keep the vision clear and in front of you.
3. Recognize your personal style in others – Be inspired by others who can inspire greatness in your choices.
4. Group clothes by color, kind and occasion – This saves time and money.
5. Turn all hangers in the same direction – The improved order is lovely to behold.
6. Fill in gaps – Commit to cover gaps with a focus on what works best for your coloring and body type.
7. Keep an extra container for tags and receipts – To ease returns and exchanges.
8. Keep a wardrobe inventory journal – Keep an accurate record of what you already have, including outfits and combinations that generate compliments.
9. Know when to “fold ‘em” – If you haven’t worn it in 2 years, give it away.
10. Keep two extra clothes baskets for clothes to give away and repair – A quick and easy way to maintain closet alignment.

Refresh your closet – you will be on the fast track to showing up confident, credible and compelling in every situation! After all, you deserve to love the look that you project, that gives you a more competitive edge.